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Harvest to Hydrosol  A second edition is in the works stay tuned for a new, updated edition in 2021!

You may find an online version at

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Look for the Second Edition in Print sometime in 2021

You may find an online version at

Ann Harman’s Harvest to Hydrosol; Distill Your Own Exquisite Hydrosols at Home

The ACT of distillation is an art in itself; it is so much more than the preparation of a simple recipe. In the words of the author, “the book you have in your hands is a road map…” You will learn how to navigate the distillation journey with the aid of this “road map” — including:

Easy to follow with over 150 of photos, tables, and diagrams
Proven practices of distilling plants using copper alembic stills
Understand the senses — how the role of smell, sight, taste, hearing, and touch contributes to a successful distillation
Understand the plants — including taxonomy, how and when you can distill each plant, and the author’s recommendations based on experience
Unique insight — understand the life and soul of water used in the distillation process

Packed with a wealth of research and personal expertise, Harvest to Hydrosol leads you on a practical and mystical journey of a plant’s transformation into a hydrosol. Ann Harman uses her years of experience as an artisan distiller, farmer, and botanist, to guide you in how to easily and expertly distill your own hydrosols.

ISBN 978-0-9913859-0-4

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